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Mintageword on 75th Anniversary of “Quit India Movement”

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of “Quit India Movement”, launched a docudrama on the history of the various stamps & coins issued to celebrate the spirit of Indian Patriotism & Freedom Struggle
For hi resolution images of Stamps & Coins, Please click below :
1. For the Stamp : 15 paise Of 1967 : Please click here : For the Stamp : “Quit India Resolution Stamp : Please click here :
3. For the Stamp : Rupees 2 for the “Quit India 50th Anniversary “:
4. For the Stamp : Rupees 1 for the “Quit India 50th Anniversary “: Please click here
5. For the Coin : Rs 100 (Tails) : Please click here For the Coin : Rs 100 ( Heads) : Please click here :
7. For the Coin : Rs 50 ( Tails): Please click here :
8. For the Coin : Rs 50 ( Heads) : Please click here :
9. For the Coin : Rs 10 ( Tails) : Please click here :
10. For the Coin : Rs 10 ( Heads) : Please click here :
11 For the Coin : Rs 1 ( Tails) : Please click here :
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Press Release
On the 75th Anniversary of “Quit India Movement” on 8th August, 2016, launched a docudrama on the history of the various stamps, coins and notes minted to celebrate the spirit of Indian Patriotism & Freedom Struggle
August, 2016, Mumbai: On 8th August, 1942, “Quit India Movement” was launched by Mahatma Gandhi for Satyagraha, during World War II.
Mahatma Gandhi gave the slogan ‘Do or Die’ in this movement. His words were “We shall either free India or die in the attempt”. These words swept across India gushing like fire and awakening its people to call for a rising. Hundreds of men and women marched on the streets shouting slogans of ‘Bharat Choddo’ or Quit India. Indian Government have also planned many events & programs which will be held all over the country to celebrate this landmark date on Monday, 8th August 2016
Some of the unique Stamps & Coins launched to celebrate the spirit of this movement for Indian Freedom Struggle were as follows:
  • The 15 paisa stamp:  On 1st October 1967, Indian Post issued a 15 paisa stamp, which depicted life-size statue of the seven youths at the Martyr’s Memorial, Patna. These youths were 7 young students who carried the national flag and strided towards the Secretariat building. Shots were fired and teargases deployed as they tried to hoist the flag on it. One by one, all seven youths were killed mercilessly in the firing.
  • The 50 paisa stampIn 1983 a 50 Paisa stamp was launched by the Indian Post. It has Mahatma Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru at its focal. This stamp accurately depicts the day in 1942 where the All India Congress Committee passed a Quit India Resolution calling for all Indians to rise up in rebellion against the British
  • 1 and 2 rupees stamps: 2 stamps of 1 and 2 rupees were issued in 1992 to mark 50 years of “Quit India Resolution”. Gandhi’s slogan of the movement “Karenge ya Marenge” “Do or Die” were beautifully portrayed on this stamp. It tells a story of how after the announcement of “ Quit India movement” in 1942 , there was a huge riot and many congress leaders including Mahatma Gandhi were arrested.A wave of Rebellion swept the country mobs tore up railway tracks, toppled telegraph towers and torched police stations. Policemen and British government officials were dragged from home through the streets, beaten and killed. Labor strikes paralyzed the entire British supply chains and bomb blasts in major cities became a daily occurrence..
  • In 1992 4 commemoratives coins of Rs. 1, 10, 50 and 100 were issued by the Reserve Bank of India to celebrate the golden jubilee of “ Quit India Movement “. The coins depict the “Martyr’s Memorial at Patna” on the obverse with the words “Bharat Choddo Andolan” in Hindi and “Quit India Movement” in English.
Prior to this movement, the control of British over India was very strong. They were convinced that the Congress did not have mass support, and could be crushed easily. Instead, it was the illusion of British legitimacy that was crushed. Never before had this nation of millions had seen such solidarity that brought its citizens of different religions and languages together under one roof and one goal. An excellent demonstration of nationalism by the Indians it shook the British empire at it core.
To watch this docudrama, please click on the following link: : is the World’s 1st online museum for Vintage Coins, Stamps & Currency Notes, In the near future they will launch many docudramas based on global historical dates, events and personalities.

DMA ‘s Specialty Con 2016,

Delhi Medical Association  organizrd Specialty Con 2016, a multi Specialty conference at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi on 7th August 2016.  All the MD physicians, family physicians as well as nursing home owners and  the physicians of various  specialties to  participate as delegates.
The conference with a number of specialty sessions as Cardiology, CTVS Surgery , Neurology , Stem Cell, Transplant surgeries, GI Cancer, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Liver Transplant, Urology, Obes and Gynae, Medical Oncology Ophthalmology, Ortho, Paediatric, Pulmonology  any many more .
Sh. Satyender Jain, Hon’ble Health Minister  graceed the occasion as Chief Guest along with Dr. Arun Gupta, President Delhi Medical Council, Dr. P.K. Sharma,MOH, NDMC as Guests of Honour.
Panel discussion on “delay in diagnosis of cancer”

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