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Performance Election Commission – Total Mismanagement

Election Commission – Total Mismanagement
March15, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

It is not suspect ‘Voting Machines’ but A-Z of the Election Commission is corrupted.

1.     When polling in Punjab and Goa was over on February04, 2017 the result should
have been announced next day – Booth wise results could have been announced soon after end of polling. The process in UP was too long spread over 7 phases.

2.     It is Scandalous that Voting Machines were kept in Lock Up for 35 days before
these were activated to give Voting Data.

3.     It is even more Scandalous that Candidates were given just 20 days to Campaign
after final list of contestants was released but kept EVMs in Lock Ups for 35 days.

4.     In case of Punjab final list of candidates was released on Jan27, 2017 and polling
was on February04, 2017. It humanly not possible for even the most resourceful candidate to meet over Half Million voters or Electors.  

This is Most Lunatic – Campaign Time 10 Days – EVM Guarding 35 Days.

5.     This only FAVORED RESOURCEFUL CANDIDATES & PARTIES but went against
Qualified or Less Resourceful, Honest Candidates and Party.

6.     Election Commission has no Control Over ‘Private But Politically & Corporate
Owned TV Channels and Even Newspapers’.

7.     Some parties were getting Day & Night Coverage – others totally blacked out.

99% of Candidates and 95% Winners Had No Access To Media. 5-10 minutes Exposure on TV Channels Could Have Been Ensured. A Single Dedicated DD Punjab Channel for example could allow 10 Hr of Campaign Daily – serve 72 Candidates in a day – covered all in 20 days. Why can’t EC do it like in past?

8.     Election Commission has No Control Over ‘Malicious & Abusive and Illegal
Campaigning even by Ministers & MPs [Public Servants] in favor of their Candidates’.

9.     Instead of ‘Piyush Goyal’ releasing Malicious Data through ‘Press Conference’ EC
could have asked all Central & State Ministries to ‘Publish Their Monthly Reports for December2016 in case of Punjab and Goa, Jan2017 in case of UP.’ So that Media & Candidates can communicate Correct INFO to Voters.

97% of Villages Electrified On March2014 – In 3 Years Even 3% Villages Could Not Be Electrified is real perspective.

10.  DULLARDS in EC don’t understand that it must register CANDIDATES say a year before elections. This is to keep out CRIMINALS, UNQUALIFIED, CHEATS, POLL EVE SHIFTING OF ALLIANCES, TICKET SALES and all kinds of Malpractices.

Hundreds of Helicopters & Public & Pvt Jets in UP,
Big Rallies, Big Road Shows Costing Rs.10 Cr-Rs.100 Cr
but Candidates didn’t get time to Speak.

11.        Indira Gandhi was Unseated for Using An Ambassador Car – Hundreds of
Helicopters & Public & Pvt Jets were engaged in this election.

12.        When EC has restricted Expenditure to say Rs.10 Per Voter for all activities
over 30-40 days – Big Rallies & Road Shows cost Rs.500 per person day or more. TV Coverage Twice More by so many channels.

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