Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cleaning system from black money
There are various theories going on the legality and illegality of demonetization of currency declared by worthy PM Mr Modi on 8 Nov 2016 at 8 PM in which the currency notes of rs 500 and Rs 1000 are to be hereby null and void from midnight of 8 Nov,2016. This randomized announcement brought many shell shocked along with opposition political parties went in to huddle to call it fiscal policy announcements a positive or negative.

With people at large supporting with experts,intellectuals and economist corporate welcoming the move with poorest of the poor too holding the announcements as fiscal reform was the real accolade to the PM Modi announcement. The next best step was to get best out of the calibrated incoming old currency notes of said denominations and out going new currency of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 in such way to give feeble chance to the currency hoarders to not to give room for the currency to be dynamic and not be statically wasteful.Thus series of directives were issue by the bankers bank in order to check the movement of cash flow of the treasury in question.

The entire episode is of 50 days as envisage by the PM to see how much duplicate series are in print and how much fake currency prevailed in the fiscal system. The process is on and the PM Modi is thus unable to give holistic view of the observation of the experts thus is shying away not the utter any statement which may be contradictory to the finding by the fiscal professional which need thorough observation investigation.
However the fiscal strength of the nation when nose dive due to various reasons then demonetisation is right steps in the field of economics to sort our various fiscal parameters and to gauge the currency flow for speedy development and its utility with each circle it flows in yearly and is matter of paramount importance in order to check and balance for the betterment of economy.
With banks NPA nosediving ,banks with flush of funds, taxes surge, black money with criminal dons and terroirst goes damp squib thus the terrorist are put on to hold with demonetisation the blackmarketers and benami and hoarding of wealth by ulteriors motives by coporates and politically outfits to hoard crrency is put to rest and is now calibrated.

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