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Now Trump questions whether Hillary is really a CHRISTIAN

New Delhi Samachar

Hillary Clinton and Obama’s Lies on Benghazi — Too Many to Count, but Let’s Try

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(((Faith ❤️))) – They lied about the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, at the hands of al-Qaeda-tied terrorists. They lied, but not to protect vital national secrets or flummox America’s enemies. And …

Democrats’ sweet Benghazi revenge: Kevin McCarthy’s gaffe is the gift that keeps on giving

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Zorina E. Bowen – Last week, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy handed Hillary Clinton and the Democrats a gift when he went on TV and said, several times, that the House Select Committee on Benghazi has demonstra…

Select Committee Interviews Former Commander of AFRICOM – Washington, D.C. — Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (SC-04) released the following statement after the committee interviewed retired General Carter Ham, the former commander of U.S….

Benghazi Committee Turns 2 Years Old, But Still Isn’t Done

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BigMouthPR – WASHINGTON — Remember the House Select Committee on Benghazi? The ninth official probe into what really happened in the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. consulate in eastern Libya? It turns two …

More Than 10,000 Days of Delays: Obama Admin’s Delays of Benghazi Documents Equivalent to Over 27 Years – Washington, D.C. — Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (SC-04) released the following statement regarding the Obama administration’s serial delays in producing documents, which total m…

13 Hours Movie vs. True Story of Benghazi Attack and Controversy

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TylerEnglish – Yes. In researching the 13 Hours true story, we discovered that John Krasinski’s character was indeed based on a real person, a Navy SEAL whose name was changed for the book and movie to protect hi…

After DNC attack, hacker Guccifer 2.0 releases Hillary Clinton ‘dossier’ | Fox News

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Jim Polk – A hacker who goes by the name ‘Guccifer 2.0’ has published a dossier of Hillary Clinton-related documents purportedly accessed during the recent attack on the Democratic National Committee’s comput…

Un-frigging-believable! Why did Omar Mateen murder all those people? Loretta Lynch still can’t say for sure

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Step_Up – Are they also looking for their back sides with both hands? @GaltsGirl — Adam Pierson (@AdamPiersen) June 21, 2016 Lynch says they are still looking for motivation for Orlando terror attack. — Mich…

How Much Does the U.S. Owe China?

The Enkaysagar Holdings PLtd Daily

Garnier Sheer Set Ultra Strong Hold Breathable Hairspray

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Brittani Leon – 48h breathable hold for touchable finish LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK.* Wish you could hold your style without masking it in crunchy stiffness? Sheer Set is a micro-diffusion, quick-dry, breathable h…

The birds that fear death – Crows are known to behave strangely around their dead: they gather around and squawk loudly nearby.  The idea that it is part of some sort of ritual funeral has often been proposed. But what they a…

No, I Don’t Dislike the New Ghostbusters Movie Because I Hate Women — It’s Because I Strongly Believe In Hollywood Finance Reform.

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Adi Nugroho – I don’t dislike this new Ghostbusters movie because they’re all women, that’s silly and ridiculous. I can’t believe that’s even a question, with my history. I mean, my mom and sisters are all women…

The 7 Commandments of Attention-Based Content Marketing

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uxmumble – The relationship between brands and their customers has changed remarkably in recent years. Thanks to a variety of new marketing technology and tools, online marketing is undergoing a tectonic shif…

Glossário de Poker – O Glossário foi desenvolvido para a sua consulta sobre o significado dos vários termos do poker. O poker é um jogo que utiliza muitos jargões, mas você se acostumará rapidamente com a sua linguagem…

How to Dab – MassRoots – How to Dab: Sorry, this definitely IS NOT the dance! Dabs, also known as concentrates, are a concentrated form of cannabis. Dabs contain higher amounts of THC than cannabis and have become very pop…

Presidente Obama, indulte a los héroes Edward Snowden y Chelsea Manning – Con el fin de su presidencia, es el momento de que Barack Obama considere seriamente indultar a los filtradores Chelsea Manning y Edward Snowden. La semana pasada, Manning cumplió su sexto aniversa…

Rothschild’s Media

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mustafa ay – “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is the master of all its legislation and commerce.” President James A. Garfield The Rothschild group purchased Reuters in London, Havas in Franc…

Perfecting the Perfect Portfolio

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Dan Bortolotti – The Couch Potato portfolio has it all – low fees, broad-diversification, and simplicity. There’s not a whole lot of room for improvement, but with a few tweaks, investors can lower their costs even…

Lone Wolf Saved by Soros Trounces Peers With $1 Billion Fund – In the early 1980s, Hideo Shiozumi walked out of his job as a fund manager and was planning to open a Japanese restaurant, when he got a call from George Soros. It would change his life. The hedge …

Voice overs from the #1 viral voiceover ssite on the planet #musicmoney

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Symone Williams – •We will customise an advertising on hold message around your goals and the points you want to make to your listeners – when you are closing, information on your new ranges, current wait times etc….

Emana Cheezy – Vice City

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Jorginho. – Vice City Avisem que os reais estão na Town Estamos up Avisem que os reais estão Estão bem up E esses haters estão a sentir-me I don’t give a f*ck, n*gga f*ck Não me viram Vem, vem, eu estou on, Vi…

Existen cinco libros inéditos de Salinger que sus herederos aún no quieren que leas

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Why the media launched a concerted attempt to gag

The Naresh Kumar Sagar Daily

Is AAP Courting the Media by Appointing Journalists to Governing Bodies of Colleges at Delhi University?

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Jeetendra Singh – In May 2016, Fountain Ink, a Chennai-based long-form journalism magazine, published a story titled, “Unraveling the AAP myth.” Written by Arpit Parashar, one of the magazine’s contributing writers,…

I work for AAP: This is what tracking BJP on Twitter revealed to me – As a member of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), and as someone who has led its social media team for three elections, I have had to monitor BJP’s social media strategy closely. In all, we have come twice…

Pakistan doesn’t need F-16s, n-deals to fight terrorists: Kabul

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India News Now – United Nations, June 22: Accusing government entities in Pakistan of aiding terrorist networks in violation of United Nations Security Council mandates, Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative Mahmo…

Why the media launched a concerted attempt to gag Gaurav Sawant | IndiaFacts – That the media dons that control the strings of news broadcasting have double standards while covering certain news is a well-known secret now. That they can be brazen about their acts of omissions…

Paris vows to fight Amazon Prime Now service

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TechSharer – The mayor of Paris has promised to be “intransigent vis-a-vis Amazon” after the US retail company launched its same-day delivery service, Prime Now, in the French capital with less than a week’s no…

I’m not Rahul, Sonia or Vadra, you cannot scare me: Kejriwal to PM Modi – Times of India

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Alka Lamba – In a move that could further vitiate Centre-state relations, the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) of the Delhi government on Monday registered an FIR in the alleged Rs 400-crore tanker scam against the…

TUC and EEF unite to say that British manufacturing is stronger in Europe

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Alex Mitchell – Today [Wednesday], in a joint statement, TUC General-Secretary Frances O’Grady and EEF chief executive Terry Scuoler say that manufacturing is better off in Europe, and that “leaving would be a ter…

New tool to take down terrorism images online spurs debate on what constitutes extremist content

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TechSharer – President Obama suggested that extremist information spread online inspired a Florida man to commit the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history at a gay nightclub in Orlando last week — the latest …

Kathmandu Post- Lessons from tragedy

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Anup Kaphle – Jun 22, 2016- As the news of mass casualties in war-torn nations has become a daily occurrence, many of us have become inured to violence. Still, when the victims of a mass killing are fellow compa…

Twitter Now Lets You Post Videos up to 140 Seconds

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TechSharer – Twitter, known for its 140-character limit on tweets, is now allowing users to post longer videos – of up to 140 seconds. The change highlights co-founder Jack Dorsey-led Twitter’s recent push into…

Happy birthday Doom: id-Tech-Engine-Spiele, -Charaktere, -Schatten und -Feuer im Vergleich

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TechSharer – Am 10. Dezember 1993 lädt id Software die Shareware-Version eines neuen Spiels auf den FTP-Server der Universität von Wisconsin – und dieser Titel namens Doom setzt Maßstäbe: Er ist einer der erste…

6 must-see Plazas in Peru – A Luxury Travel Blog

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Caroline Watts – When you look at maps of Peruvian cities, you’ll notice every city includes a Plaza de Armas or a Plaza Mayor. For the Spanish, a city’s Plaza de Armas was the center of administrative, military, a…

7 Things That Happen When You Live In A Different Country For 10 Years

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Anup Kaphle

A visit to Ayodhya | IndiaFacts

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Levantamiento del velo corporativo #Panama #corpgov La Prensa

Brexit and the art of being forever alone

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The Hindu

Mumbai subways are only for hawkers and not for artists?

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Sucheta Dalal

Exide Life Insurance signs on Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

Exide Life Insurance signs on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s most successful Cricket Captain, as its Brand Ambassador

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (“Dhoni”) will feature in a marketing campaign of Exide Life Insurance based on the theme “Lamba saath, bharose ki baat.” (Long term relationships build trust)The campaign reinforces the fact that one should buy life insurance for the long term

 Delhi, June 22nd, 2016: Exide Life Insurance, today announced Mahendra Singh Dhoni(“Dhoni”) as its brand ambassador. Dhoni, who represents the aspirations of millions, has a strong mass appeal and followership compared to any other sporting icon in India.

Dhoni is the perfect brand ambassador for Exide life Insurance as he embodies the values of Exide life Insurance. He is Dependable, Dynamic, Responsive and Foresighted.
Dhoni represents a unique blend of skill, commitment and stability which are all personality traits that are relevant to the life insurance category” stated,Mohit Goel, Director-Marketing, Exide Life Insurance. “As a life insurance company, we believe that long term relationships build trust, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a perfect embodiment of that belief. Dhoni has appeal that cuts across geography, gender and age groups. He is one of India’s most celebrated cricketers, and the most successful captain of the Indian team and we are extremely excited to be associated with him.”
Starting 22nd June 2016, Dhoni will feature in the Exide Life Insurance marketing campaign “Lamba saath, bharose Ki baat.” (Long term relationships build trust).
View the advertisement in 6 Indian Languages Click Here.

Speaking about his partnership with Exide Life Insurance, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said, “This is my first endorsement deal in the insurance category. I am pleased to be associated with Exide Life Insurance, a company that helps Indians prepare financially for their long and happy life. Long term relationships build trust and I have always planned for the long term in all aspects of my life. Exide Life Insurance is a brand that resonates well with me and I look forward to working with them very closely.”
Adding to this, Arun Pandey, Chairman, Rhiti Sports Management (the company which manages all endorsement deals of MS Dhoni) said, “Life Insurance is one category which is more than just a monetary safety net for those left behind. It is one of the most important long term investments that an individual makes. Hence, brands in this category have to be extremely conscious when it comes to associating with celebrities. In the case of Exide Life Insurance, the brand’s clear vision and promise is well-aligned with the brand attributes of MS Dhoni which makes this association very strong. I am glad we took our time to find the right brand partner for Dhoni in the life insurance category; and am sure this will go a long way.”

About Exide Life Insurance Company Limited:
Exide Life Insurance Company Limited, an established and profitable life insurance company, commenced operations in 2001-02 and is head quartered in Bengaluru. The company is 100% owned by Exide Industries Limited. The company serves over 15 lakh customers and manages assets of over INR 9500 Crores. During the financial year 2015-16, the company achieved total Premium Income of over INR 2000 crores.

Exide Life Insurance distributes its products through multi-channels viz. Agency, Banc assurance, Corporate Agency, Broking and Direct Channels. The company has 50,000 insurance advisors who operate from over 200 company offices across the country. The company also offers group life insurance solutions.
The company is focused on providing long term protection and savings plans and has a strong traditional product portfolio with a consistent bonus track record. The company has ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for all Customer Service processes.

For more information, please visit our website,

We’re developing something special — and we want you to be a part of it

Naresh —
Here on the Hillary for America tech team, we’ve been working on something for a while, but haven’t quite been ready to share it — until today.
We’ve selected 1,000 super committed supporters to become the very first users to try the brand-new Hillary for America mobile app, and you’re one of those people. We need your voice to help shape this important app before we share it with millions of voters — can you help?
Once you download the app, you’ll be able to explore and build your very own field office, take quizzes on issues that are important to you, challenge your friends to political face-offs, and more.
Through the app, you’ll be able to help Hillary beat Donald Trump from your couch, your kitchen table, or even on your way to work.
And most importantly, if you download this app, you’ll have a chance to share your feedback directly with us — and shape what it becomes.
We’ve been working on the app for months, and we’re very proud of it. But we know there is more we need to do to make sure that this brand new tool is ready to go live to millions of people — and we’re relying on your feedback to get us there.
Ready to get started? Take this survey to see if your device is compatible, and we’ll send you installation instructions.

Thanks so much,
Stephanie Cheng
Senior Product Manager
Hillary for America

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