Monday, June 27, 2016

Dear Naresh Kumar Sagar,
Greetings from Swaraj Abhiyan! 
Nation is passing thru tough times. Communalism has become one of the major threats to our society. It needs to be fought with Iron fist unitedly in all its forms.  It is very sad reality Communal-ism is unchecked due to absence of will in Govts in power, to act in time as under law and deter. 
In many instances it is found communal divide is engineered to promote political gains by politicians who find it convenient to play politics of hate fear and divide. This tool is used to polarize voters in the name of caste religion region and ethnicity during elections, to reap political dividends ignoring real issues. Very serious and more dangerous rise in recent times.  
Religious & Caste driven crimes and violence  has made our societies insecure, leading  serious loss of confidence in agencies empowered to maintain peace and law and order has taken a blow. OUR Constitutional rights, freedom it gives and limits are abused. 
In such a environment one can see serious evidences of emboldening of radical forces and mob threat culture threatening peace and harmony among various section of society.  
Though PM Narender Modi makes tall promises to the nation from Red Fort PM said in his address on 15th August 2015. "Be it casteism or communalism there is no place for them. In no way can they be tolerated"
Either the PM is too busy or in his priority list growing evils of castism  and communalism does not find right place.   We need to question his silence and his Govt's inaction and failure to put an end to these crimes in our society. 

How can it be normal for the authorities sitting on big seats of power in administration and executive with all the power and authority to be inactive on serious crimes. How they any measure ignore fundamental rights given by our constitution.
The PM may not have time but we can not be silent spectators to the day light abuse of our fundamental rights and disrespect and disregard to our constitution and the ethos and values system that we value most.
On one hand we expect the PM to honor his words and his resolve he made on 15th Aug 2016 and demands to that effect can be collectively made. On the other hand we believe. 
Time has therefore come for all Peace, Justice and Harmony Activists to broaden their reach and spread their arms of compassion care and concern and commitment pan India  to   fight Communalism and Castism, and defeat the forces of divide at the earliest. Comunalism & Castism was not as big a threat in the nation as it is sadly seen in todays India. 
We need need to join hands to build  a large umbrella of like minded groups and individuals to work quickly build a mechanism to fight and prevent communalism and castism in all its forms. 
Peace is only way forward that can be achieved by defeating politics of hate and divide. Any development, and claims of growth are empty if we fails to have a peaceful harmonious and inclusive society. India is historically home of all steams of faiths, cultures, languages, regions and colors preserving them it preserving nation in all its senses. 
In light of the above, we are organizing a 2 day National Convention Titled - “Defeat Politics of Hate - Promote Politics of Peace" Titled - Umbrella for Peace on 16th & 17th July 2016. Organised by Aman Commitee Swaraj Abhiyan -  The Convention seeks to bring together the Nation’s eminent Social Activist, Peace and Justice Activist and Prominent, Respected and Honorable people form various sections to the society to participate.   
Eminent Activist and Prominent Civil Society Member and Peace Activists will be joining the Swaraj Abhiyan important initiative. In words of Prashant Bhushan co Founder Swaraj Abhiyan and National Convenor of Aman Commttees 
"Communalism is major evil faced by the nation today and all effort has to be made to fight it  collectively, because nothing is meaning full unless peace and harmony prevails and the fundamental rights given by our constitution are upheld in all circumstances"   
Speakers -  Co Founders of Swaraj Abhiyan  Shri Prashant Bhushan, Shri Yogender Yadav, Shri Anand Kumar ji. 
Guest Speakers Smt Teesta Sitlwad, Shri Kondanda Ram ji Ram Puniyani Ji, Shri Shabnam Hashmi and Shri Irfan Engineer.  We thank them for confirming their participation on this pressing subject of the convention. 
We invite Swaraj Abhiyan volunteers members, NGO Groups, Peace and Justice Activists and other Organizations battling to end communal-ism and castism  to participate nd share their experiences and join us to ensure unity and peace in the nation and strengthen the process of building umbrella for peace. 
Date    :      16th & 17th July 2016 
Time   :       11 AM to 5 PM
a) Review/Analyse Peace Jusitce and Harmony activism and its achievements since independence
b) Debate, deliberate upon new tools, instruments and solutions to finally chalk out the path forward to defeat Communalism and Castism by promoting peace and harmony.  
All those interested in participating in the National Convention are requested to Register as Delegates on or before 25TH OF June 2016 .  Register now to participate and to join. 
This invite is coming your way from Shri Prashant Bhushan National Convenor Aman Committees and Co Founder Swaraj Abhiyan.   
For REGISTRATION and further details please feel free to mail  to
AmanCommitteeSA <umbrellaforpe>

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